Mass flow air knife drying system for cans

For large-scale production of canned beverages, line throughput and efficiency are vital. Drying is a critical part of the process before any printing or secondary packaging. A multi-lane bulk drying solution will reduce overall line length and increase throughput while using much less energy than traditional drying solutions.

In-line bulk drying solution for canning plants

The MassJet Bulk Dryer from Jetair Technologies is a high-speed, energy-efficient drying solution for non-single-file lines, either bulk or multi-lane. It ensures rapid and complete drying so that cans are ready for the next downstream process.

MassJet uses extremely efficient direct drive blowers that use 70% less energy than traditional compressed air solutions. The blowers deliver clean, filtered, oil-free air to an arrangement of air knives that are custom-designed to your exact requirements.

The enclosed design not only reduces line noise but also captures blown-off moisture. This prevents hazards associated with water collecting on the plant floor and also reduces airborne contamination risk.

The unique design of the drying elements provides for complete 3D drying of all sides of the cans without the need for any inversion or special product handling. This reduces complexity and allows the MassJet to take up less than 1.9m of line space while maintaining maximum line speed.


  • Available in bulk or multi-lane format to fit existing lines
  • Up to 70% energy savings
  • Full 3D drying without additional product handling
  • Compact design takes up less than 2m of line space
  • Enclosure reduced noise and captures blow-off

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