Manual bag-in-box inserter

If you want to speed up the manual bag placing cycles and make the job easy, then a manual bag placing stands will be your best choice.

Quick and easy way of manual bag in box insertion

This Manual bag-in-box inserter by Niverplast provides you the easiest way to pick a single bag from a bundle to place it in your boxes or crates. This is done by an ingenious hanging system consisting of a perforation and a pre-cut in your bags and special pins to hang them.

Niverplast also provides various stainless steel easy-to-open stands to hold your bags. The stands are adjustable in height, equipped with castors and store two bundles of bags, one at each side.


  • Suited for all bag sizes
  • Two sided bag store
  • The fastest way of manual bag placing
  • Save up to 50% on your manual bag placing cycle
  • No more bags and reels on the ground and blister free

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