Lid applicator for corrugated cases

For your secondary packaging, you may be considering packing into boxes that require a separate lid. Whether you choose to do so because of practical reasons or to save on material costs, integrating an automatic lid applicator can be a good investment.

Smoothly integrate a lid forming machine in your packaging line

Lantech designs and manufactures a wide range of machines for erecting and handling cartons, corrugated and solid cardboard cases.  Depending on your packaging line and box material, Lantech can integrate suitable lid forming machines that form and apply the required lids on your filled corrugated boxes.

The Lantech range includes  two station lid forming machines with a maximum capacity of 10 lids per minute and fast four station lid forming machines with a maximum of 18 lids per minute.  The machines use a unique method of forming and applying the lid: The lid is formed on a forming head where the flaps are glued. The formed lid is then moved down by the erecting frame that positions the lid with special “shoehorn type fingers” onto the tray-case.


  • It requires minimum maintenance
  • Provides longer service life
  • Operation available in left hand or right hand version
  • Ideally suited for a flexible production line
  • Reliable and efficient operation