Laboratory scale soft gelatin capsule machine

Softgel (or soft gelatin) capsules are a very popular method for providing oral doses, pharmaceuticals and supplements thanks to their ease of swallowing, lack of taste and tamper-proof nature. When designing new products, new formulations, or experimenting with softgels as a novel form of dosing for existing products, a lab-scale encapsulating solution allows you to test efficiently with the knowledge that results can be scaled up to full production. For small runs of high-value or low-volume product, a small-scale machine can increase efficiency compared to using equipment designed for larger volumes, as well as saving time on changeover.

Small-scale, high quality softgel encapsulators for lab or small-batch use

The SGL107 and SGL207 softgel encapsulators from Technophar offer industry-leading quality for the lab or small batch production environment. The SGL107 can operate at up to 4,500 capsules per hour, and the SGL207 at up to 9,000 capsules per hour. Both models feature the same high-quality components and robust build-quality. Rather than relying on mechanical gearing, both machines feature servo motors and electronic gearing to increase reliability and reduce downtime. Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) with touchscreen user interface gives quick access to and control over all the production parameters.

For maximum durability, the SGL107 and SGL207 are built around a solid aluminium frame design, with stainless steel outer covers. These can be specified to meet GMP/FDA requirements where required for pharmaceutical use. This means that the machines are easy to clean and maintain and will not corrode.

Fitted on castors for easy movement if required, the SGL107 and 207 are fully self-contained, with control and electrical panels within the machine, ideal for non-permanent or semi-permanent applications, as well as permanent small-batch production. Each machine can produce oval or oblong capsules, with the SGL107 having a single dosing plunger, and the SGL207 having two dosing plungers, allowing you to choose the best option to fit your requirements.


  • The ideal lab-scale, small-production scale softgel encapsulation solution
  • Self-contained units with integrated electrical and PLC systems
  • Increased reliability thanks to servo motors and electronic gearing
  • Able to produce oval or oblong softgel capsules
  • Compact size 1153W x 845D x 2073H for the smallest lab environments

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