Laboratory Seed Brushing Machine

Breeding stations work daily to improve seed sow ability; but if seeds are not cleaned properly, it can affect this capacity. When polishing is not enough because there are hard-to-clean impurities such as shell debris, a seed brushing machine is used. For breeding stations, which work on small batches of seeds, a small-scale system is needed to make easy and flexible adjustments in brushing different types of seeds.

Brushing and threshing at variable speeds for small scale applications

The CPM-4010 Laboratory Seed Brushing Machine from Seed Processing Holland is a seed brushing system that can polish or thresh (for capsule fruits) seeds in small batches. The system is especially suitable for breeding stations. The mantles containing the seeds or capsules are placed around the horizontal axis with the brushes. The two brushes have adjustable brushing speeds between 180 to 600 revolutions per minute to obtain a lighter or heavier polishing effect. A container underneath the mantle collects seeds or waste material depending on the perforation size. A transparent Plexiglas cover is included to prevent the seeds from jumping out during the removal of the mantle.

If you need a brushing, cleaning and grading machine to de-beard your carrots or tomato seeds then this is the right piece of laboratory equipment for you. Furthermore, it can also polish quinoa among other functions. It has the ability to take care of small volumes as well as large volumes depending on the amount of grain you have.


  • Capacity of 10 to 100 grams
  • Adjustable brushing speed from 180 to 600 rpm
  • Multiple sizes of mantle perforation available (within a range of 0,75 – 3.5 mm)
  • Less supervision using timer
  • Plexiglas cover provides temporary cover when removing the mantle