Jet mill micronizer

Small scale manufacturers that require effective micronization of powders for their process lines may need automated equipment to keep productivity high. When it also comes to scaling up, equipment with a broader range of capacity is necessary to keep up with the expected production output while keeping maintenance costs down.

Micronizing powder up to 40 kg per hour using an explosion-proof system

The MC DecJet 200 from Dec, is a powder micronization system best suited for small scale industries. The system has a capacity range of 1kg to 40kg/h. The process uses gas streams inside a chamber where the large powder particles are loaded. These particles will collide until an acceptable size is obtained through a classifier. The micronized powder will then be collected in a cyclone where it is separated from the process gas by a filter. The unit is easy to clean and assemble and it is made of high-grade materials such as AISI 316L stainless steel or Hastelloy. The system has options for better flexibility including full automation by PLC with batch reporting. The jet mill discharge is available in top or bottom configurations and a sanitary rotary valve is available for product collection.


  • Wide capacity range (1kg-40kg/h)
  • Explosion-proof system (Up to 10 bars pressure resistant)
  • CIP and SIP system
  • Integrated nozzles to prevent errors and/or leaks during operation
  • Optional full automation by PLC

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