Jet mill for clinical trials

R&D laboratories may need to reduce the size of powder particles in small quantities for clinical trials. This application requires a compact unit that can effectively micronize powders, even sticky ones, with minimum loss or waste.

Milling small amounts of powder using pressurized gas for R&D purposes

The MC DecJet 30 from Dec, is a powder micronization system designed to handle very small quantities of powder from 0.2 grams to 50 grams/ hour. The unit has compact dimensions, making it easy to transfer or move around. The process starts with the powder being fed into an inlet at subsonic speeds of about 50m/s. It goes to the chamber with jets of process gas stream, usually nitrogen, to prevent explosions at supersonic speeds of 300m/s. The powder particles collide and break into smaller sizes until they pass through the chamber’s center as a micronized powder. It is easy to clean and assemble as it does not require tools for assembly. It also features integrated nozzles to prevent errors in installation or leaks during the process. The system can also be integrated into isolators and gloveboxes.


  • Designed to handle sticky or abrasive products
  • Compact size (529 x 180 x 260mm)
  • Easy to assemble (no tools necessary)
  • Easy to clean