IV bag filling machine

Filling machines for intravenous bags require highly polished surfaces where they contact the bags or fluids. They should complete the capping process automatically for high production volumes, and simplify cleaning to high hygiene levels by design.

Linear Filling Machine for Bags

BRAM-COR BFIL filling and capping machines for bags deliver high production volumes thanks to linear hydraulic circuits, and fast-cleaning AISI 316L mirror-polished stainless steel where contacting the product. Manual bag filling and semiautomatic bag filling options are also available.

Filling and capping are automated on the BFIL-A version and there’s a drop grill to catch any spills. Dosage precision is typically 99%, although 99.9% is achievable by adjusting the flow meter. Optional extras include sterile laminar air flow hoods, integrated conveyor belts, and ink jet printers.

BRAM-COR BFIL linear filling and capping machines integrate with washing machines, capping and crimping machines, labelling lines and belt conveyors. They are programmable for vacuum extraction, gas, sterile air injection etc.

A BFIL station needs only one operator. Four integrated stations can fill up to 6,000 bags-per-hour assuming 500 ml capacity each.


  • Automatic, semi-automatic, and manual options
  • AISI 316L and CGMP compliant
  • Scales up to four machines
  • Vacuum extraction, gas, and sterile air injection
  • One operator controls the entire process

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