Inspection system for tablets chemical composition

The packaging of pharmaceuticals and oral solid products such as tablets and capsules requires a complete quality inspection to guarantee product safety. A conventional vision inspection system controls the external features of the products but may not detect variations in their chemical composition. Therefore, such primary inspection isn’t adequate, particularly in products that are visually similar but have different proportions of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API). Integrating the chemical composition inspection of the product with the traditional vision inspection process provides an error-free solution.

Integrated imaging technology for non-destructive chemical composition inspection of tablets and capsules

Harle NIRc from SEA VISION is a near-infrared vision inspection system equipped with a hyperspectral camera to detect the chemical content of products. It can be installed on counting machines or blister thermoformers to check the chemical composition of oral solid forms prior to sealing.

The vision system compares the hyperspectral camera product image with the respective spectral reference, in real-time, and signals the machine, that discards products with defects. The machine carries a non-destructive inspection and controls oral solid products such as white and colored tablets, uncoated tablets and pills, monochromatic capsules and bicolored capsules. It also captures defects that would go unnoticed in a conventional vision system.

The integrated imaging technology recognises a wrong product with the same colour, shape and dimensions, but with different active principle ingredients. Among the parameters checked are identification of drugs with different dosage, moisture content determination, and identification of any foreign objects such as metal, paper, wood or plastic. The technology also checks the presence of cracks, absence of coating, perfect plastic overlapping in capsules and empty blisters.


  • System compliant with FDA regulation 21 CFR part 11
  • Thorough chemical composition inspection of products in real-time
  • Avoids any risk of mix-up and ensures product safety
  • Non-destructive control of active principle ingredients and dosage
  • User-friendly HMI touch screen