Inspection machine for bottle caps

To ensure product quality and freshness in the drink industry, capping is a very important step. Sometimes during the capping phase, products are rejected due to defective caps causing delay in the production line. To avoid jams along the line, it’s helpful to inspect bottle caps with a machine before they enter the capping process and not when they are being capped.

Artificial vision system to inspect cap quality before capping phase

QT730-VA is an inspection system for cap quality manufactured by FTsystem using artificial vision technology. The system is available in different configurations based on the caps to be checked. The artificial vision provides a high-level quality control thanks to industrial cameras that, with the help of direct analysis, gathers information about cap defects. In QT730, caps are introduced and positioned in the star wheel via the integrated chute. As the wheel rotates, caps pass one by one under the camera that analyses them. The camera is able to detect for example overturned caps, ovalization, deformation, security ring or sealing ring defect/absence and contamination. Based on the caps and the inspection, in the standard configuration more cameras could be implemented. This particular version is recommended for flat caps, for caps that have an irregular upper surface like sport caps and for shaped caps.


  • Helps prevent delay in the production line
  • Reduction of the number of filled product rejects
  • Lower chances of damages in the capping step

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