Industrial tunnel dryer for food sector

Dry foods are popular consumables and have their place on the market. In cases where high quality and flavor matter the most, the use of a continuous drying system is highly beneficial thanks to the lower capacity preparation process lines.

Large and small capacity tunnel dryer for fruits, vegetables, herbs and other products

The PG 128 Industrial Tunnel Dryer by Pigo is a suitable option for the continuous and high-quality drying of fruits, vegetables, or herbs. The sequential continuous drying process provided by this unit gives a great advantage over chamber dryers because the preparation process is practically continuous. Thus, the lower capacity preparation processing lines allow for smaller batches of products to be dried at any given point if needed, preserving the aroma, texture, and overall quality of the product.

This structural drying system is entirely made out of stainless steel and consists of a drying chamber and an air duct over the drier. The doors are positioned at the front and the backside of the unit allowing for the easy flow of production and all-round easy access for maintenance and cleaning. The PG 128 has a capacity ranging from 1000 to 8000 kg/day for plums and from 1500 – 12000 kg/day for apples, depending on the model.

The channeled air duct system integrated into the system allows for full airflow flexibility ranging from the recirculation of the same air to total ejection of saturated air that is replaced with a fresh one.


  • All parts of construction, trolleys, and trays are made of stainless steel ensuring a long and productive service with minimal maintenance costs
  • Temperature regulation is done automatically allowing for higher-quality processing
  • All flaps are constructed for simple manual operating
  • Continuous preparation process allowing for the treatment of smaller batches of products
  • Ability for low-temperature operations without ruining the quality