Industrial thermoformer for food production

The primary purpose and aim of food packaging are to protect all food products from getting bad and to prevent bacteria, moulds, and fungus. Since packaging protects food during storage, distribution, and processing, it is essential that the package is produced safely and designed properly. However, only a few machines can meet the strict sanitization standards set for the food industry.

Cost-effectively and efficiently fulfill your packaging needs

Designed by Colimatic, THERA uses maximum usable material and creates minimum waste, resulting in savings as high as 30% as compared to other machines. Its superior design allows users to package food products easily and quickly, thus ensuring higher utilization and flexibility of the equipment.

Furthermore, its closed profile and stainless steel frame enhance durability and reliability, while continuously providing excellent results in cutting and sealing your packages at the same time. Engineered with a resistive-touch operator panel, it allows friendly HMI use in every working condition. THERMA’s remote assistance service can also be activated to achieve faster reaction times.

Ideal for large food production, THERA can be used for several different sealing options, including vacuum, skin protruding, shrink, easy peel, gas flush, and top seal. Moreover, THERA offers a wide range of machines with different capacity productions, and can produce 6 cycles/min up to 35 cycles/min. Its modular frame further makes it suitable for any kind of die configuration, speed, and production need, making the machine incredibly versatile.


  • Stainless steel structure prevents rust
  • Easy-open side guards allow quick access for cleaning and maintenance
  • Nils Grease lubricates the components of the machine without contaminating the food
  • All components are designed with Ingress Protection code 65

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