Industrial scale tablet coater

During the coating process, tablets pass many stages that can make them wet and sticky or crack and split around the edges. These damages can be caused by under or over-heating during spraying or poor spreading of spray droplets associated with inaccurate spray atomization. The high technology tablet coater allows an automatic adjustment control of the flow, avoiding the damp in drum, saving coating, and optimizing the processing time.

Coating tablets using a perforated, rotating coating drum

The  Tablet Coater from Romaco Tecpharm is a film coating machine based in perforated coating pan technology. Uncoated tablets (or pellets) can be fed to the rotating drum of the machine, in which flow-directing panels gently mix the tablets. A central nozzle arm sprays the coating film on the tablets and a flow of heated air evaporates the solvent.

Using sonar technology, the product load in the drum is detected (without any manual operation) and all the parameters for the coating process are automatically adjusted, such as distance and position of the spray guns, inlet and exhaust airflow and temperature, path and flow of the air, etc. The capacity of the machine ranges from 0,5 Kg to 600 Kg. Adding an automatic cleaning system is optional.


  • Increases the batch size range from 10% to 100%
  • Automatic optimization of parameter adjustment
  • Automatic arm extension systems for distance and angle
  • Recipe editing
  • Detachable deflectors

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