Industrial guillotine machine for extruded foods

Textured vegetable proteins made from soy, wheat, and oats are extruded into tubes or rods before being cut to the desired size. When cutting these extruded TVP tubes in large quantities, a guillotine cutter is required to cut multiple extruded products simultaneously and continuously to produce a uniform size.

Cutting multiple extruded foods to a controlled size and in uniform lengths

The Guillotine, from Mattoc, is cutting equipment that can simultaneously cut multiple extruded food products such as textured vegetable protein into a controlled size. The unit is driven by a servomotor which is placed at the end of the extrusion line. A belt carries the extruded product under the blade to be cut in uniform lengths based on the feedback of the conveyor belt drive. Cutting lengths of the extruded products can be controlled from 5mm to 1m or longer. It has a cutting speed of up to 350 cuts per minute for a cutting length of 20mm. Longer lengths would require slower speeds. The system is available in 4 cutting widths (400, 800, 1200, and 1600mm) and is supplied with a stainless-steel static blade or ultrasonic cutting blades for sticky or fragile products.


  • High cutting speeds (350 cuts per minute for a 20mm cutting length)
  • Optional ultrasonic blade for sticky products
  • Easy format changeover
  • Applicable for multiple extruded food products (textured vegetable protein, fudges, etc.)