Industrial food vacuum packaging machine

Compact and clean vacuum sealers help increase the value and quality of food products. Industrial vacuum packaging machines remove oxygen, preventing airborne microorganisms from damaging food while reducing bacterial growth at the same time. Vacuum packing also helps extend the shelf life of food products, making them last longer than traditional packaging options. However, finding equipment that suits your budget and fulfills your specific requirements can be a bit difficult.

Reduce time and cost while increasing the shelf life of food products!

The process of Omega may be divided into two fundamental phases: packaging and vacuum. The first step includes sealing around the product, while the second step consists of the vacuum and transversal sealing. Furthermore, one side of the package is sealed inside the chamber, and the other side is sealed outside the chamber.

Changing from one package shape or size to another does not require any modifications to the line, thus allowing the machine to run continuously. This significantly reduces costs and enhances productivity at the same time.

Designed with an infeed belt system, Colimatic’s Omega automatically detects the size and presence of products, allowing direct integration into the production line. Its sealing bar is ideal for a wide variety of materials, including shrinking materials, aluminum, and standard films. Lastly, the model can be used to package irregular shapes and large to medium-sized products, including whole meat cuts, pork legs, pasta, fruits, vegetables, and bakery items.


  • Simplified settings allow easier access to machine functions
  • Compatible with all automatic product loading systems
  • 0% scrap material makes it highly efficient
  • Solid stainless steel components and frame ensure durability and longevity

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