Industrial coffee bean grinder

If you are looking to grind up to 50 kg of fine coffee per our or up to 440kg of medium fine coffee er hour,  it is time to invest in a professional coffee bean grinding solution.

Premium coffee beans grinders for professional capacities

Industrial coffee bean grinders from Toper R&D are accurately engineered and manufactured with high technology and quality components for a premium grinding. The TKS 36 Multipurpose coffee grinder from Toper grinds fine coffee at 50 kgs/h and medium fine coffee at 440 kg/h. For large points of sale requiring high grinding capacity, Toper has also developed the TKS 36 Lux which features a practical hygienic grain silo and grinded material drawers. This representative and practical execution is also often purchased by coffee shops, markets, touristic sites as well as laboratories.


  • Highly maintainable and user-friendly design
  • Meet all food standardized expectations
  • Developed for large points of sale requiring high grinding capacity

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