Industrial belt dryer for fruits and vegetables

The industrial belt dryer by Pigo is a simple yet super effective fruit and vegetable drying solution. If you are looking for a conveyor drying process that is 2-3 times quicker than the average industry standard belt drying system while maintaining product quality, such equipment may be the best way to go.

Multistage low-temperature industrial conveyor belt dryer

The PG-135 industrial belt dryer by PIGO is a sustainable solution for quick and efficient drying without ruining the quality of the final product.

Due to the technology the PG-135 uses, the drying time is reduced by up to 25% while consuming less energy without ruining the quality or texture of the individual products. Furthermore, whether the product is heavy, light, soft, sticky, or fragile, the unit’s fully operational multistage drying process is also equipped with several heat exchangers that can control the temperature in each drying zone to suit the individual characteristics and requirements of the product.


  • Possibility to dry products at a very low temperature
  • Drying products with up to 2-3 times shorter processing time as compared to industry-standard drying machinery while preserving the quality
  • Option for multi-stage drying
  • The partial clean in place system (CIP) allows for easier maintenance and cleaning of the belt dryer