Horizontal Beverage Can Cartoner

Cans have many advantages over bottles when it comes to packing, for example, your craft beer. Having a flexible automatic cartoning system for your different beer types and cases will significantly improve your process efficiency. Smaller scale manufacturers now also opt for an upgrade in their production line to efficiently erect, load and close their carton packaging.

Pack your craft beer cans into cartons automatically

The Switchback BRC-1, from Mpac Langen, is an automated carton packaging system for canned beverages such as beer, coffee, and energy drinks. The packing system has compact dimensions and is equipped with caster wheels for portability and leveling legs. A robotic arm gently handles the carton to open and close the packaging while a belted conveyor loads the cans via a pneumatic actuator. It can accommodate different can sizes, such as slim, sleek, or standard, and can pack them in 4, 6, 8, 9, or 12 formats with a maximum throughput of about 5 cartons per minute. The cartoner has a stainless steel frame and components for corrosion resistance and easy cleaning.


  • Small footprint (6.5’ L x 5.8’ W x 6’ H)
  • Corrosion-resistant frame and components
  • Quick changeover between formats
  • Accommodates different can profiles and packaging formats
  • Caster wheels allow portability

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