High yield filter press

When a saturated slurry or sludge must be dehydrated with high yield results mining and other heavy industries often turn to press filter systems.  Customers in these industries need precise control of filtration parameters for optimized filtration and material recovery, as well as the peace of mind that comes with a simple and robust design, fast cycle times, and minimal downtime.

Optimized extraction of solids for maximum material recovery

Tefsa has been providing high yield filter presses that meet these needs for more than 40 years.  The mining industry is well served by this line because of the optimal solids extraction results that can be achieved.  Applications involving metal concentrates, industrial minerals, coal, and tailings plants in particular have benefited from Tefsa’s expertise in high yield filter presses.

The high yield filter press can be run in a completely automatic and programmable mode controlling all process variables to ensure desired results even as the characteristics of the treated material vary.  Parameters that can be controlled include sludge feeding, cake discharge, compressed air blowing, membrane squeezing, filter cloth moving, and filter cloth washing.  Squeezing of the filter plates is achieved via four horizontal hydraulic cylinders supported in a heavy duty, over sized frame and powered by a specially designed and easily accessed power pack.  Unit capacity is determined by the size and number of filter plates.  Future expansion of the units can be achieved economically by the addition of more filter plates within the frame.


  • Maximum reliability
  • Optimized results perfectly tailored to your needs
  • Simple, robust mechanical design
  • Designed for clean operation and minimal maintenance requirements
  • Fast cycle time

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