High volume 3D shaker mixer for ceramics

Achieving consistent homogeneity and the logistics of handling and introducing large quantities of raw materials into a high-volume mixing process of ceramics can pose a challenge.

Uniformly homogenizes bulk materials with a high-capacity

dyna-MIX® from WAB-GROUP® is a 3D shaker mixer designed for high-quality mixing of solids, liquids, and their combinations. It comes with tank volumes from 40-1000 liters. The mixer employs a hinged universal joint to mount the mixer container which creates controlled three-dimensional movements as a result of the two vertically superimposed rotations. These movements lead to a gentle, consistent, and reproducible mixing process.

The required motion paths are programmed into the PLC control module, which regulates the sequence of motion of the mixing bowl. The container-specific clamping device adapts to the loading and unloading of variable mixing bowl sizes.


  • Gentle mixing with maximum reproducibility
  • Contamination-free and dust-free mixing in containers
  • Low mixer noise
  • Support for lengthy dissolution processes