High-speed powder dosing system

Balancing speed and accuracy in powder dosing is crucial to fulfilling production viability. But, in the case of small powder quantities, achieving that repeatability manually can slow down the manufacturing process.

Fast and precise dosing technology for small quantities of powders

FlexPTS from Dec Group is a powder dosing system based on PTS technology that can handle materials in the 100 – 200 mg range. The dosing operation takes between 0.5 to 2 seconds with an accuracy of up to 3% RSD. Additionally, the system integrates a filter in the upper portion.

Weight-setting is done through an intuitive HMI panel, but it can be programmed for repeatability with automatic volume adjustment. Powders are transferred through vacuum technology to a calibrated chamber that may be either constant or variable. The material is then followed by pressure-assisted vial filling. Special-purpose pinch valves used at the inlet and outlet enable rapid dosing.

The FlexPTS includes an additional feature of a mini-robotic platform for drug delivery. It is also suitable for charging in a pressurized process involving high temperature or humidity and even a corrosive environment.


  • Volumetric and volumetric-gravimetric dosing of powders
  • Capable of dosing powder in the range of 200 - 100 mg
  • Real-time monitoring of dose quantity
  • High level of accuracy and repeatability