High-speed double twist wrapping machine for hard candy

Double-twist wrapping is the preferred packaging method for many individual hard candy confections. For large scale production, the highest speeds possible are desirable. Traditional double twist machines can be too rough on the product at the highest speeds. A modern solution that is engineered to deliver the fastest throughputs with the most gentle handling will see a rapid return on investment for large-scale hard candy production lines.

Fastest double twist wrapper for hard candy production

The EK4 double twist wrapping machine from Theegarten Pactec is the fastest double twist wrapping solution for preformed products such as hard candies.

Despite its impressive 2,400 pieces per minute operating speed, the EK4 uses a continuous motion principle to deliver gentle handling, ensuring product quality.

Further enhancing quality, the EK4 features a highly efficient feeding system with integrated

sorting station to eliminate sugar dust, chips, and broken pieces from entering the wrapper.

For maximum performance and reliability, servo-driven components are used for wrapping material feed rollers, wrapping material knife and material reels.

To maintain the highest speeds, the EK4 utilises an automatic splicer to change wrapping material reels without stopping the machine.


  • Fastest possible double twist wrapping solution for candies
  • Wraps up to 2,300 pieces per minute
  • Able to wrap with wax paper, cellophane, polypropylene, or polyethylene
  • Simple single-user operation thanks to touchscreen HMI and automatic splicing
  • Range of in-feed and output solutions to fit any existing production line

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