High-speed cut and wrap flow pack machine

Flow pack wrapping is a popular option for the individual wrapping of soft caramel, chewing gum, and other chewy candy products. Traditional cut and pack machines are inflexible, and upgrades or changes require all-new machinery. By adopting a modular design using sub-assemblies, a modern cut and wrap machine offers complete flexibility and easy upgrade path for future product changes, all while offering the highest speeds available.

Modular cut and flow pack machine for chewing gums and soft candy

The FPW5 from Theegarten Pactec is a high-speed forming, cutting and wrapping machine for products in flow packs. It has been designed specifically to handle chewing gum, hard and soft caramels, chewy candy, and toffees by mating with either rope sizing machine or extruder and cooling tunnel.

Designed for mass-production, the FPW5 is able to produce up to 1,500 pieces per minute, wrapped in either heat or cold sealed foil.

Cut product enters the wrapping assembly via sliding transport on lug chain. This makes product size changeover easy via simple lug chain and transport belt adjustments.

Wrapping foil is continuously fed thanks to an automatic splicer. This is available with or without print registration to suit your exact requirements. Other options include a date coding device, tear tape device, and label dispenser.

Foil sealing is available via a range of options to suit your requirements: a two- or three-stage longitudinal sealer suitable for cold or hot sealing; long-seam sealer; segmented cross sealing with up to 4 jaws; cross-seam sealing in longitudinal or transverse directions.


  • High-speed forming and foil flow packing up to 1,500 units per minute
  • Modular design allows for bespoke design and future upgrading
  • Open, accessible design reduces downtime associated with cleaning and maintenance
  • Simple HMI touchscreen, single-operator working
  • Range of infeed and output options to suit your exact requirements

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