High Speed Containment Tablet Press

High speed containment presses make pharmaceutical tablets in closed environments with glove box access. Negative pressure inside the containment prevents airflow to the outside, thereby avoiding the need for protective suits.

High Speed / High Containment Press

The KIKUSUI Aquarius C-H high speed / high containment tablet press features operator access through an optional glove box. These access points enable tablet testing during machine set-up, dust cleaning, and inspecting punches and dies.

Manual control is through a foot pedal, while the design enables relaxed operator posture throughout. However, the machine is fully automated in operating mode with auto weight regulation. There are maximum 25-kilonewton pre- and 50-kilonewton main-compression rollers.

This 18 station press has capacity of producing 10,800 to 75,600 tablets per hour.


  • Optional glove box for pressing tablets in controlled environments
  • Multiple access points in glove box simplify servicing
  • Ergonomic design enhances operator comfort and productivity

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