High performance classifier

For ultrafine classifying operations in inline mode of all types of fine to medium-fine products, such as acrylate, epoxy-polyester, gypsum, plastics, petroleum coke, polyurethane and it is especially suitable for dedusting powder coatings in the particle size range from 5 to 10 µm.

Efficient classification as a result of internal recirculation of the feed material

The MikroClassifier CC air classifier from Hosokawa Alpine is a high-performance classifier and it can be easily integrated in-line into a grinding system or can be employed off-line as an independent classifying system. The Mikro classifier CC was designed for all types of fine to medium-fine products. It is especially suitable for powder coating classification aimed at reducing the ultrafine portion under 5 – 10 µm.

The cut point of this air classifier can be adjusted between 5 and 100 µm, because it is easy to clean, it is often employed for producing powder coatings of 5 to 10 µm. This air classifier is also suitable for use in potentially explosive areas.

Widely employed in the following industries: powder coatings, chemicals, pharma, food, cosmetics and minerals.


  • Ease of cleaning and simple maintenance, therefore predestined for use when the product is changed frequently
  • Suitable for off-line and in-line mode even with high airflow rates
  • Intensive dispersing power
  • Controlled flow pattern
  • Wide cut point range from 5 µm to several 100 µm