High-frequency vibratory mixer

Mixing liquid products by stirring method generates heat from friction and shear forces. This heat may affect the quality of the products during the mixing process as some of the products’ chemical properties change when subjected to higher temperatures. Mixing by vibration generates less heat as it does not have friction from rotating mechanical parts but rather only short and rapid oscillating motion that develops into a mixing flow.

Mixing of liquids by generating an oscillatory motion without a vortex

The FUNDAMIX, from Dr. Mueller, is a mixing system that uses high-frequency vibrations to agitate liquids inside its vessel. The system is equipped with an electromagnetic drive that generates high-frequency vibrations and transmits them to a perforated mixing plate via a shaft. The mixing plate has conical holes where the liquid is pumped through due to the oscillating motion. This method creates a flow based on the Bernoulli principle, allowing fast and homogeneous product dispersion with minimal surface movement and no vortex. The unit has a membrane sealing unit capable of withstanding both at full vacuum and pressures of up to 5 bar g, or higher upon special request. Since there are no mechanical rotating parts, maintenance is low, and no heat is generated from friction, making the system suitable for sterile environments.

Depending on the application, the flow direction of the mixing effect can be changed by opting for a mixing plate with a different orientation of conical holes.  If gas is required, it can be injected through the shaft to mix with the flowing liquid. The system is available in mixing volumes ranging from 1 liter to 40,000 liters. It is also available as ATEX-certified equipment for zones 1 and 2 if installation is to be done in an explosive environment.


  • No friction, less heat generated
  • Low maintenance, no rotating mechanical seals
  • Low energy consumption
  • Available in a wide range of mixing volumes from 1L to 40,000L
  • Effective & efficient vertical mixing