High containment big bag discharge docking system

The discharge of materials demands strict containment, particularly in the pharmaceutical industry. But big bags, even if sealed, can rip under sustained pressure while in dock position. The risk becomes significantly greater when handling toxic chemicals.

Big bag discharge docking station for sterile and toxic applications

Big Bag Discharge Docking System from Dec Group is a pressure-tight system designed for sterile and toxic processing. A wholly-sealed unit, the technology provides containment up to <1 µg/m3.

The single dead zone free docking tube is enclosed by an automated cover and ensures a quick operation. An adjustable disposable ring seals the big bag spout, and any remaining liner is easily removed from the side port. The system can be built in various materials and coatings, including stainless steel and HC22.


  • Simple and fast docking
  • High containment (< 1 μg/m3)
  • Solvent-resistant
  • Suitable for toxic and sterile applications
  • Hygienic design with the clean-in-place facility

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