Hammer mill

A hammer mill crushes aggregate material into smaller pieces; the most common applications can be found in food, chemical, plastic and cosmetic industries.

Grinding, mixing and homogenization in one single process

The Mikro Pulverizer MP from Hosokawa Alpine is a hammer mill for the gradual crushing of soft to medium-hard products. This unit comes with three operations such as grinding, mixing and homogenization.

Easy to clean and maintain, the MikroPulverizer MP grinds, mixes and homogenizes in one single processing step. The system is well-proven in combined grinding and drying systems, as well as in cryogenic and inert gas systems.

Different rotors, liners, screens and grinding elements are available for a wide range of applications and products, e.g. carbon black, iron oxide, casein, melamine, sugar, urea, etc.



  • Strong performance
  • Suitable for grinding soft to medium-hard products
  • Reliable in operation, sturdy construction
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Time-tested design in impact drying, cryogenic and inert gas systems