Gravity feed cooler

The food and feed industry has high food safety requirements making frequent cleaning and inspection necessary. There is a need for a clean and even discharge system that can handle any type of granular product without cross-contamination and leaves no product in the cooler after emptying.

An efficient cooling technique with the cleanest discharge system with no risk of cross-contamination between different products

Geelen Counterflow’s Swivel Valve Cooler operates by effectively absorbing the moisture out of the granules. A new product is continuously fed in through the inlet valve, while the Swivel Valve discharger ensures smooth discharging of cooled product into the hopper. It thus also avoids mixing up the cooled and uncooled produce by gently lifting up the product bed.

It is designed to have the cleanest discharge system available. The gravity feed cooler is triggered by a level or temperature sensor and driven by a hydraulic cylinder and power pack. Open and closed positions of the discharger can be adjusted either manually or remotely by the controller or PLC.

The gravity feed cooler is available in multiple sizes, each with different cooling surface areas. In combination with your process details, the cooling surface determines the air volume that is required for proper cooling. Its bin walls can be customized according to your specifications.



  • Designed to enable fast and effective cleaning, inside and outside, with minimum cleaning residue
  • The air exhaust has no horizontal surfaces, therefore, no risk of product accumulation
  • The KWRVS swivel valve discharger minimizes the risk of cross-contamination between different products

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