GMP autoclave

When sterilizing and dealing non-thermolabile products, you will want to get a hold of those resistant to the temperature and humidity conditions of this method; in the pharmaceutical and in biotechnology industries.

Ergonomics and flexibility

The Sterimega autoclaves from Telstar Life-Sciences are steam sterilization units designed for processing a wide range of materials: solid or porous products and also liquids in pharmaceutical production. The units offer high technical performance and GMP design in accordance with the applicable European standards: EN 285, PED, CE marking, etc. Every unit, being a GMP autoclave, can be customized by adding various technical features that will positively enhance the performance to meet any requirement.

The most recognized sterilization method when dealing with non-temperature sensitive products in applications such as liquids in sealed, thermal shock resistant, containers: injectable in ampoules, vials, and so on.


  • For processing a wide range of materials
  • GMP design in accordance with the applicable European standards
  • Can be customized by addition of various technical features that provide enhanced performance to address almost any requirement
  • Fully sanitary design
  • Easy to operate