Frying line for potato chips

If you are starting your own production for potato chips or expanding your brand to include fried potato snacks, you need a complete and cost-efficient production line. A solution that ensures minimal loss of raw material and efficient use of water and energy while maintaining excellence in taste, colour and texture of your fried potato snacks.

A complete and sustainable solution for frying potato products

Kuipers’ complete processing lines for various potato products provide a turnkey solution of turning raw potato input into delicious deep-fried snacks until packaging. It offers a customized approach to process potato  products which consequently ensures efficiency throughout the line.

The frying line for potato chips uses gentle heat transfer to heat up the frying oil and ensure that your product is evenly fried. The production plant is a continuous and fully automatic operation. It starts with receiving the raw potatoes and includes the necessary potato washing and de-stoning equipment to clean and prevent damage to the peeling and slicing or dicing units. In the peeling stage, it applies batch type, abrasive peeling. It is also equipped with a blancher to reduce the sugar content from the potato slices and prevent quick dark colouring The plant also includes a smart water treatment system which allows the lowest possible water usage in the industry, reducing it by three hundred per cent.

Kuipers’ systems provide you with an option for frying oil heating via a thermal oil heater or electrical elements. Apart from potato chips, Kuipers also designs and manufactures small French fries factories for either frozen or chilled end products. The chips line can also be used to produce potato sticks.


  • Lowers operational costs
  • Environment friendly, using less water
  • Avoids the use of chemicals to prevent dark colouring
  • Turnkey delivery worldwide
  • Available for small and large capacities