Flexible containment zip

Transfer of sensitive and toxic bulk goods across process units requires specialist handling to prevent cross-contamination and satisfy stringent GMP requirements. Often complex stainless steel assemblies are used which require expensive validation and cleaning processes.

Handle any volume of sensitive substance easily with safe zip-lock docking system

The clever Flecotec system from Rommelag Flex uses the Flecozip to form a dust-tight connection between process units and transport containers, preventing contamination during decanting, filling and taking samples.
For use in the pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries, the external zip fastener technology allows joining of two blown film containers by creating a dust-tight seal that can then be opened as required.
Available in various sizes and configurations, the connecting film containers can have ring openings, integrated gloves or simple sealed bags for samples or transportation and are connected to the process unit by means of a Flecotric tri-clamp.


  • Pack and transport any volume of sensitive or hazardous material
  • Close most standard LDPE containers
  • Combine with any process unit or container by using Flecotric clamp
  • Re-use modular closing mechanism for many applications

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