Flexible containment docking solution

When sampling or transferring hazardous substances and sensitive bulk goods, a dust-tight seal is vital to prevent contamination. Stringent protection requirements can make this an expensive and lengthy process.

Connect process units and single-use blown film containers with secure, disposable clamping system

Flecotric containment tri-clamps are available in various sizes that match standard process unit connection diameters from 2’’ to 12’’ and are often used to integrate the Rommelag Flex Flecozip connection with process units.
The transfer containers range in size from a few millilitres to 100 litre capacity and are simply disposed of after use.
The tri-clamp system connects and seals with the help of two locking rings and is supplied with a regular TC gasket to allow use with other standard docking systems.


  • Facilitate safe transfer when filling or decanting sensitive substances
  • Choose from wide selection of diameters and gaskets
  • Select appropriate film gauge for specific application
  • Monitor and control material flow during transfer
  • Avoid time-consuming conversion procedures and documentation