Energy-saving cooling system for vegan products

High-viscosity products like hummus or chunky pasta sauces must be cooled down before filling them into containers. The process must be fast and gentle to make sure the taste and quality remain, but it can prove to be highly energy-consuming.

Cools the mixture efficiently with less time

The Terlett Terlocool by ProXES is a cooling system that ensures a longer shelf-life but also preserves the taste and texture of cold-fill sauces, marinades, soups, and spreads. It is equipped with a double jacket which allows homogeneous and gentle cooling and inhibits bacterial growth. 

The bowl of the cooler is tilted, therefore the temperature is distributed evenly. In addition, the system has a special mixing tool with segmented scrapers that makes the heat transfer happen even faster, while also saving energy. For example, cooling a batch of ketchup from 95C to 5C would regularly take about 94 minutes, but with Terlocool it only takes 45 minutes. 

While the cooked mixture can be transferred straight to the cooling system, the cooker can be used again almost immediately. This creates additional process capacity by enlarging the availability of the cooker and immediate cooling increases flexibility. The cooler is available in different sizes from 600 – 1200 litres.  

CIP (cleaning-in-place) technology makes it possible to completely clean the Terlocool automatically without opening the lid. On top of that, an optional vacuum system provides even higher levels of hygiene, as well as a longer shelf life. 


  • Energy-saving solution
  • Works faster than the industry average
  • Maximum yield with minimal product losses
  • More flexibility from automation and offline cooling