Electrical pure steam generator

Pure steam is defined as the steam which when condensed becomes WFI quality water in accordance with European and US Pharmacopoeia specifications.

Low energy solution when steam is not yet available on site

The PSG-E electrical pure steam generators consist of a vertical pressure container, in the form of a column. Electrical elements are installed at the base to heat the water. The steam flows vertically upwards, but due to the effect of gravity the water droplets do not exit the chamber. The water is supplied preheated in a tank, also containing electrical elements, where degassing occurs. The system is supplied as a compact unit on a skid, with all components readily accessible.

The PSG-E from Telstar Life-Sciences is a generator capable of effectively separating pyrogens, which are used for the production of pure steam. Clean steam is defined as the steam produced from water free from additives.

The most common applications for this device is in the pharmaceutical industry and in biotechnology for autoclave sterilization feeding and for routine SIP sterilization in production reactors, freeze dryers, and production line filters and pipes.


  • Sanitary design
  • Robustness and reliability
  • Safety and easy operation
  • Quality guarantee