Drum cooler for laboratory hot melt processes

Do you need to cool molten masses to solid, thin film or flakes in an R&D or small batch environment? You need a flexible, compact design that can operate with a wide variety of product.

Drum cooler for laboratory and small batch hot melt processes

The BBA Innova CCC drum cooler is designed for continuous cooling, solidifying and flaking of viscous materials in small batch production or lab situations.

Hot melt is rolled out into a thin film which is then pressed up against the surface of a cooled drum where it solidifies. An integrated flaker unit reduces the solid sheet into uniform flakes.

All stainless steel construction and ease of access makes for simple and quick cleaning meaning minimal downtime between product changes.

Portable unit comes in a range of capacities from 20 to 50kg per hour. All only require single phase 110V-250V AC supply at 10A for simple setup.


  • Modular, upgradable form factor with three version for maximum flexibility
  • Adjustable product film thickness
  • Designed for easy access and rapid cleaning to minimise downtime
  • Standalone operation