Disposable tubing for manifolds in bioprocesses

Manufacturers in the bioprocessing industries are increasingly turning to single use solutions for their production infrastructure needs. Experienced producers know that the flexibility, cleanliness, and convenience of high quality single use equipment increase process efficiency by reducing operator maintenance and cleaning activities, allowing them to focus on more value added tasks.

Disposable tubing manufactured under strict clean room and quality standards

JM BioConnect is known for top of industry certified quality and customer service including very short lead times. The company has developed a unique thermoplastic tubing known as Solmed TubeFelx 4502.  This tubing is made from TPE–the cleanest biologically compatible material and is manufactured in a completely controlled clean room environment.  It contains no animal derived ingredients or oils.  This tubing is weldable by all commercial tubing welders and sealers and can be sterilized by autoclave, gamma radiation, UV, and ETO processes.  It is suitable for use with peristaltic pumps and rated for pressure up to 3 bar.  The tubing is designed to be used to in conjunction with various other JM Bioconnect products to create process manifolds for both upstream and downstream bioprocesses.


  • Several sizes available
  • High purity materials
  • Ultra low extractible compounds
  • Completely weldable
  • Suitable for use in peristaltic pumps