Dense phase conveyor for abrasive materials

Transporting abrasive materials using pneumatic conveyors can cause excessive wear to its components. Abrasive materials can also wear out gaskets and cause leakages at high temperatures. Different abrasive materials require different kinds of gaskets for effective sealing.

Transport abrasive materials in the dense phase

GC type pneumatic conveyors from GVF Impianti are ideal for dense phase conveying of abrasive materials. They are characterized by a NiHard cast iron cone valve, suitable for temperatures up to 120 °C. This valve can be assembled with different types of gaskets and is suitable for all abrasive products. GC conveyors are available in 24lt to 500lt capacity; higher capacities are also possible on specific requirements of the customer.

GVF pneumatic conveyors have durable construction and can be supplied in carbon or stainless steel. They are very compact with all accessories mounted on the machine’s edge. GVF conveyors work silently and are easy to operate. Pneumatic and electrical control boards allow easy control of all transport parameters. Applications include foundry sand handling and conveying of other abrasive or granular solids including feldspar, fly ash, and alumina.



  • Dosing before transport due to wear-resistant fill cells
  • Transport a range of abrasive materials by using the appropriate gasket
  • Avoid pipeline blocks with precise control of transport parameters
  • Save space with a compact design
  • Improve your work environment with silent operation