Deduster for plastic granules

Industries that use plastic granules see better product quality and decreased equipment wear and required maintenance when the raw materials used are clean. Removal of small particulate and streamer contamination from your bulk material flow is efficiently achieved with compact and highly flexible line of dust removers.

Energy efficient cleaning of plastic granules in an extremely low height package

Pelletron’s XP Series Deduster line is similar to the highly successful P series of dust removers with even more compact packaging and even lower energy consumption. Capacities from 300 to 100,000 kg / h are available with associated height profiles that are at an absolute minimum. The well-proven electromagnetic field to break the electrostatic bonds between the bulk material pellet and the contaminating dust particles remains unchanged from Pelletron’s P series dust removers. Incoming material distributed around a central wash deck and is subjected to the magnetic field. A wash air stream then flows over the material and forces fine dust particles and streamers through holes and slots in the wash deck removing it from the bulk material flow and improving your process quality and downstream equipment efficiency.


  • Very large range of capacities available from 300 to 100,000 kg / h
  • Proven design from an industry leader
  • Extremely low height
  • Very low energy consumption