Crop and vegetable seeds polisher

One way to improve crop and vegetable seed germination performance can be found in the first step of the fine cleaning process. Polishing seeds removes dust and dirt particles that may form layers that cover the seeds, limiting their germination. Aside from improving germination, polishing improves visual appearance, enhances purity, and provides a high yield.

Polishing seeds for improved germination performance

The CPM-4210 Seed Polishing Machine from Seed Processing Holland is a batch, semi-automated system that can polish seeds in bags due to the rotating motion of the drum. The system is enclosed in a steel casing with an access door. The door has an inspection cover for viewing the work progress and a LED light mounted at the top part to have a clear view of the drum. The system has a control panel with push buttons for a start/stop operation, lamp, and timer functions.

Heavy or large specks of dust are collected by a mobile dust collecting container under the drum. The lighter ones will be extracted from a suction point with a 150 mm hole above the casing and can be discharged at an extraction point with a 100 mm hole in the door. Depending on the capacity, the average batch processing time takes 30 -90 minutes.


  • Capacity of 10 to 75 kg
  • Safety feature using door positioning switch
  • Less supervision using a timer with automatic alarm for multiple batch operation
  • Simple operation using control panel buttons
  • Easy disposal of dust through the mobile dust collecting container