Conveyors for recovery boilers

Recovery boilers recapture energy otherwise wasted in organic byproducts of industrial processing such as the Kraft process in paper pulping. They are some of the largest biofuel fired energy conversion processes in use today. As global energy prices have increased, demands for ever more efficient recovery boiler systems.  These demanding recovery boiler applications require highly reliable equipment provided by experienced industry partners.

A full product range of recovery boiler conveyors from an industry leader in material handling for boiler plants

Raumaster has been working in industrial material handling applications for over 30 years and offers a complete line of conveyors, crushers, and rotary feeders for use with recovery boilers. Collecting and transfer conveyors with dump options and tanks for dissolving and mixing are also included. In addition, Rausmaster can provide ash handling and storage equipment in support of your recovery boiler operation. The equipment is designed for reliable operation with no process interruptions and is customized for your application by experienced designers focused on boiler support and material handling technology. Rausmaster is known for collaborating with customers to apply industry leading solutions to any recovery boiler material handling challenge.


  • Well proven designs from an industry leader in material handling for boiler applications
  • A full product suite of material handling solutions is available for recovery boiler conveying
  • All equipment is designed for reliable operation and minimized process interruption
  • Equipment and engineered solutions are available for recovery boiler feeding and ash handling

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