Continuous mixer for toothpaste production

When manufacturing toothpaste, dispersing and mixing powders into liquids to create a consistent, homogeneous product is among the most difficult and challenging of mixing applications. The main problem associated with mixing powders into liquids is aeration and foaming. Unwanted air and oxidation can increase the risk of browning, off-flavors, and result in the loss of essential nutrients, like Vitamin C. Thus, it’s essential to use the right mixing equipment.

Precisely mix powders into liquids

The continuous plant type zoatec® CPU by AZO LIQUIDS is designed with a flow meter for liquid dosing and a loss-in-weight feeder for extremely precise powder dosing, thus allowing continuous production of high-quality products. It boasts intelligent control engineering and ensures optimum process control.

The machine is unique compared to conventional homogenizers as its flow direction is turned into the opposite direction of the drive. The mixer can also be used as a clean-in-place (CIP) pump due to its high pump capacity. It works by continuously dispersing and mixing variable amounts of dry solids into low viscosity to pasty liquids. Operators don’t need to premix raw materials, which makes the entire process easier.

Apart from fine powders, it is also able to process granules, and coated pellets, simultaneously. The shear rate can also be varied according to the nature of the materials, making the mixer incredibly flexible. It can thus also be used for the production of hair and skincare products, paint, food pastes etc.


  • Flexibly applicable for a wide variety of production quantities
  • Incredibly easy to maintain and clean
  • Shear rate can be adjusted according to the raw material
  • Does not require premixing of raw materials
  • Consistent product quality due to high-precision powder dosing
  • Design complies with EHEDG regulations

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