Butter Tub Filling And Sealing Machine

When packing paste-like products such as butter, spreads or margarine you need flexibility in portion size, shape and packaging materials to meet different customer needs.

Fill and seal butter like products into different tub and cup sizes and formats

The RFS 40 Rotary Filling and Sealing Machine from FASA continuously fills your products into pre-formed tub/cup containers made from PP and closes them with PP or heat-sealing lids of aluminium foil. By adjusting the height, you can shift flexibly between portion weight and size. The containers can be rectangular, square or round, and closed using different methods, such as heat-sealing, pre-cut foil, and lid covering. The machine’s capacity varies depending on the portion size: ranging between 15- 40/min and 100 till 1000g portions.

All machine features are designed durably and hygienically in accordance with CE safety requirements with stainless steel material for the rotary table, body covers, and volumetric dosing unit. Product feeding can be either through hopper and augers or directly from the production line. Product input temperature is controlled (for butter is +12 to +16 °C, and margarine is +8 to +16°C). The wrapping unit comes with a sensor for automatic container detection and when required, an Ink-jet printer will be integrated. A PLC automates the entire process of product filling and sealing, while an HMI touch-screen panel allows for user-friendly operational control.


  • Flexible product input and packaging format.
  • Accurate volumetric dosing
  • Wide dosing range from 100-1000g.
  • Easy selection of portion weight.
  • PLC controlled for easy operation.

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