Containerized hydrogen upgrading system

Usually, all spent protective gas is vented from metal treatment processes, such as annealing and sintering. However, this waste stream has a high hydrogen content, making it incredibly valuable. The problem is that most mixed atmospheres can be extracted from industrial processes at lower pressures, but gas purification needs a larger pressure differential.

Recover pure hydrogen gas from high hydrogen containing mixtures

The Hy.REC pure is designed to recover pure hydrogen from mixtures containing high hydrogen, such as those in the metal treatment industry.

Able to recover spent protective gas from the upstream side, this system can be used as an integrated skid. It purifies the mixture by removing particles, converting it into high-quality hydrogen that’s integrated back into the gas system. Since it generates pure hydrogen process gas, the Hy.REC pure is applicable in metal, flat glass, electronics, and chemical industries.

Moreover, the system pressurizes the low-pressure feed flow to the minimum required level, then subsequently cools it, resulting in the condensation of the higher hydrocarbons present in the spent atmosphere. HyGear’s innovative vacuum pressure swing adsorption technology also reduces the need for compression, further ensuring minimum electricity consumption. Lastly, the VPSA technology is able to achieve 6.0 (99.9999%) level hydrogen purity. For higher purities, the system also includes an integrated catalytic polishing system.



  • Provides high quality hydrogen that can be reused
  • Helps save money on electricity consumption expenses
  • Integrates gas polishing optimizes plant performance
  • Keeps pre-pressure at a minimum