Compact powder pressing machine

Pressed powder products are extremely popular in cosmetics, but their production has challenges, including powder contamination and cake transport. A modern, fully automatic pressed powder production system can overcome these issues by using innovative technology while increasing efficiency and reducing downtime associated with changeover and maintenance.

Flexible and modular powder pressing system for cosmetics

The Kameleon from CMI Industries is an innovative and flexible system for producing mono and multi-coloured pressed powders in pans.

With increased uptime in mind, the Kameleon has been designed with a powder loading system that uses suction from a multi-vacuum system. This eliminates contamination across powders and vastly reduces the downtime associated with loading.

The dosing and refining system has a patented surface treatment that provides maximum protection against corrosion, wear, and friction, lengthening lifespan of parts.

The Kameleon can be fitted with molds that have received a GHA surface treatment with an FDA certification. This provides a low-friction surface that inhibits bacterial growth.

Another innovation in the system is a non-contact transport system for the powder cakes, eliminating waste from damaged cakes. Automatic cameras monitor the entire production process with automatic detection and rejection of imperfect cakes, enhancing end-product quality.


  • Vacuum powder loading reduces your downtime
  • Non-contact cake transport for enhanced quality and reduced waste
  • Bacterial-inhibiting coating on molds for extended time before maintenance
  • Eliminates diagnostics for troubleshooting and support
  • Patented surface treatment increases lifespan of machine parts

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