Cold forming aluminum blister machine for capsules

Aluminum blisters are mainly used for packaging products that are sensitive to light, moisture or a combination of both, i.e. where a complete tightness is required

Fast cold form blister packaging for small batches

The Alu250 by Tommy Nielsen is designed to work for R&D and smaller pharmaceutical batches or in laboratories. During blister production, pieces of foil – possibly already cut to the required shape – are placed on the blister-forming tool. The machine is then activated and the blister formed. Afterwards, the Alu-blisters can be sealed using a separate sealing machine – Universal S, FS or FSX.

The machine can make up to 1200 items per hour, depending on the blisters design.


  • Compact size
  • Easy to operateExcellent fit for small batches
  • Excellent fit for small batches