Code printer for cans with integrated drying system

Printing date and batch code information on canned consumer items requires the container to be dry and free from dust, otherwise printing errors occur. A separate drying and dedusting system is required to prepare the containers before sending them to a separate printer. A combination machine that can dry and clean containers and then immediately print on them reduces cost, saves time, and produces perfect printing results.

Combined air knife dryer and inktjet coding system for containers

The SureCode from JetAir Technologies is a combination dryer/blow off unit with continuous inkjet printer. It is designed to prepare can surfaces to ensure pristine labelling.

The drying / dedusting unit has 2 stainless steel, fully adjustable air knives that enable the unit to handle a wide range of container sizes, ensuring complete removal of moisture or contaminants left from the filling process.

The air knives are fed by high efficiency blowers. These offer energy savings of 70% when compared to traditional compressed air feeds. The drying occurs within a double-walled chamber with all blow off/overspray collected in a washdown ready container.

The inkjet printing head is a Domino AX Series continuous print model, that can print up to 2,975 cpm. The fully adjustable print head makes changeover quick and simple. There is a full touchscreen HMI with controls for both the air knives and printing systems.

The Surecode is extremely compact, taking up only 1270mm of line space, and can be installed into any existing canning line.


  • Single unified drying and printing solution means quick and easy changeover
  • Blower technology saves up to 70% on energy costs
  • “Drop in” unit that needs under 1300mm of space, fits any existing line
  • Comprehensive touchscreen HMI for easy monitoring and adjustment
  • Printing immediately after drying ensures perfectly readable codes every time