CO2 exhaust unit for can seaming

This CO2 exhaust unit features an integrated washing device connection, Simple disassembly of the suction pipe thanks to a quick-release ring. The stainless steel ventilator enclosure and 0.37 kW motor (50/60 Hz operation possible) ensure continuous operation and steady output.

One of the main benefits for users of this equipment is its compliance with higher hygiene standards, as this Co2 exhaust is highly efficient, featuring more significant pressure at the ventilator outlet. + Low MAK (Maximum workplace concentration) concentration around the seamer to keep you and your team safe during operation and cleaning. The exhaust is available as an upgrade bundle for the ferruBasic can seamer


  • Up to 15% CO2 savings thanks to its ultrasonic bubble breaker
  • Collection tray below the bubble breaker for easy cleaning and hygene
  • The pressure monitoring switch guarantees process reliability
  • Feature a manual stop