Classifier mill for soft products

For grinding soft products up to a Moh´s hardness of 3.5. The end products are free from oversize particles and have a steep particle size distribution and an exact top cut.

Designed for processing sticky products that tend to deposit

The Classifier Mill – ZPS Zirkoplex from Hosokawa alpine is a universal classifier mill for materials to a Moh´s hardness of approx. 3 when the requirements call for extremely high end-product fineness values at the lowest possible energy consumption.

It works by rejecting the particles that are too coarse by the classifying wheel and are comminuted by the beater unit until they can pass through the classifying wheel and thus correspond to the required fineness as specified by the classifying wheel speed.



  • Easy cleaning; a big plus if the product is changed often
  • Special fluidization equipment at critical points
  • Deposit-free and gentle processing of pigments, wax, resins, powder coatings, etc
  • High airflow rate = cool grinding
  • Stable classifying characteristics: once set, the classifying fineness remains constant

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