Butter Churner Machine

When processing smaller quantities of cream, you need to experiment with butter characteristics to cater to different customers.  To attain different styles, textures and flavours of butter, it is necessary to fine-tune control parameters like churn and kneading times.

Customize churning and dry kneading to achieve tailor-made traditional homogeneous butter.

The Butter Churn (BC) from FASA is designed for traditional batch production of butter from ripened cream. It possesses butter churn volume of up to 3000 litre and can utilise cream with fat content of 35 up to 42%. It has a batch capacity of 1200 l of cream and 600 kg of butter. Different positions of churning and kneading allow small-scale dairy productions to experiment with different flavours and textures of butter across multiple batches.

The churn features a stainless-steel drum, sandblasted inside and glass-blasted outside with a large rectangular cover. It carries a bacteriologically safe cover seal, a sight glass, a drain valve and a safety device. A single-lever system provides different positions for churning and dry kneading. The drive unit features a gear box, drive-gear motor, a special mechanical clutch and an internally wired control cabinet. For smaller independent butter churn units, guard bar with safety shutdown is installed, while for larger butter-making facilities, valid country-specific safety regulations are followed.


  • Perfect for formulation or recipe development
  • Easy manual cleaning
  • Energy efficient batch processing
  • Excellent scale up possibilities
  • Durable hygienic design